Characteristics of Algae
The featured 3D module is a beautiful representation describing the general characteristics of algae. Here, you will also learn about the body structure.
Two Little Dicky Birds
A lovely musical composition of the rhyme, 'Two Little Dicky Birds'
Nature of Matter
The module explaining you the concept of matter and different physical states in which it exists.
Characteristics of Porifera
A module on the general characteristics of the animals belonging to the Phylum Porifera.
Characteristics of Monera
A module informing about general characteristics of Kingdom Monera.
Congruence of Triangles
A module explaining the complex concept of congruence of triangles and four criteria for two triangles to be congruent to each other.
DNA Replication
A visually attractive module explaining the complex concept of, the process of DNA replication and the enzymes involved in it, in a simple way.
Harappan Architecture
An extremely appealing module about the layout and architecture of Harappan cities, and the unique structures of key Harappan cities.
India: Size and Location
The module which tells you about the important geographical statistics of India.
Van De Graaff Generator
A visually appealing module explaining the complex concept of a Van de Graaff generator, its various components and working.
Detection of Radio Activity The Diffusion Cloud Chamber Method
This module talks about the Diffusion Cloud Chamber Method and how different type of radio active radiation can be detected using the diffusion Cloud Chamber.
Laser Printer
An interesting module about how electrostatic charging is used in laser printer to produce crisp clear printouts.
A module which will provide information about symmetry and problems realted to it.
Uses of CRO
A module explaining how a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) displays waveforms, measures p.d.s and short interval of time.
Why do we study Geography
The module informing you about why the study of geography is important.